WRMS: the company offers farmers a complete package


Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS), based in Gurgaon, is an agricultural and dairy risk management company co-founded by Sonu Agarwal, Anuj Kumbhat and Ashish Agarwal with the aim of empowering smallholder farmers and making agriculture sustainable and profitable . To this end, it has launched the SecuFarm app, “a first-of-its-kind solution in the agricultural space, to provide farmers with farm-level yield assurance by reducing their risk using technology. and data,” says Kumbhat, CEO and co-founder. . “The SecuFarm app reaches farmers all over India with the latest digital technology and helps them ensure that they get better yield by following the set of practices shared with them in their own language.”

Once farmers are registered, their farm is geotagged for farm-level monitoring. After that, they start receiving personalized advice on crop management, weather forecasts, irrigation advice, and more. “The app also connects farmers directly to agricultural experts to resolve their questions,” says Kumbhat. “He also offers links to the post-harvest market to ensure they get the best prices for their yield.” In case they fail to produce the minimum assured return even after following the set of practices, the company pays them compensation in a timely manner. “SecuFarm is a comprehensive income protection solution for farmers that also pushes them towards sustainable and climate-smart farming practices,” he adds.

According to Kumbhat, WRMS is affiliated with more than 2.5 million farmers; In total, he has geolocated 1 million acres of land, created 25,000 SecuFarms, and deployed over 10,000 IoT devices. Its subsidiary Ingen Technologies is a leading IoT manufacturer of automatic weather stations, automatic irrigation systems, pest traps, survey drones and soil moisture sensors.

“By leveraging indigenous technology supported by a team of 300 experts, we have built a solid reputation in 22 states of India and more than 15 countries,” says Kumbhat. The company is posting a positive Ebitda and forecasts 50% growth without injection of external capital over 3 to 5 years. “So far we have received funding from the UPL, the ILO and the Ford Foundation. UPL, the fifth largest agrochemical company in the world, is our main investor. Our goal is to offer SecuFarm to one million farmers within 3 to 4 years,” he says.


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