Tata Motor and Hyundai vie for place after Maruti


In May 2022, Tata Motors became India’s second largest automaker, overtaking legacy number two, Hyundai India. Tata Motors sold 43,341 cars, beating Hyundai India’s 42,293 unit sales.

However, Maruti Suzuki India, at 124,474 units, sold more than Tata and Hyundai combined.

It’s the second time the local automaker has beaten the Korean giant. As of December 2021, Tata Motors had sold 35,299 units, surpassing Hyundai’s 32,312 units. But from January to April 2022, Hyundai reclaimed its position – a place it had sat in for around 15 years.

“Demand for our ‘New Forever’ range continues to be strong. The same was reflected in our May 2022 sales, where we recorded our highest monthly sales of 43,341 units since the start of the passenger vehicle business, signaling a growth of 185% compared to the same period last year,” Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, said EF. “Furthermore, all of our products are leaders in their respective segments, forming a portfolio rich in selections, ranging from smart trim choices to strong powertrain options, making us the only OEM catering to customer needs across the world. gasoline, diesel, CNG and electricity.”

In May 2022, of the 43,341 cars sold, 3,454 were electric cars – the highest on record in a month for Tata Motors.

While most automakers have dealt with the problem of semiconductor shortages with varying degrees of success, Chandra said Tata Motors is monitoring the situation closely and finding innovative solutions with its suppliers to relieve production capacity. . “These actions helped us continuously and didn’t let the shortage affect supply to any great extent,” he said.

In addition to the highest ever single month sales of electric vehicles, Tata Motors also recorded the highest ever monthly sales of the Nexon SUV (14,614 units) and the highest ever monthly sales in the segment of Premium SUV, with over 5,000 units of the Harrier and the Safari sold, combined.

Auto analysts FE spoke to are of the opinion that Hyundai India will soon regain its inherited position.

“Demand for SUVs is growing and Tata Motors has an excellent range of Punch, Nexon, Harrier and Safari models. The high-end Altroz ​​sedan is selling well and the automaker is securing additional volumes of 3,000-4,000 units only thanks to its electric vehicle business, which others don’t have,” one analyst said. “But with Hyundai’s launch of the new Venue SUV on June 16, it will recoup its sales numbers. La Creta continues to benefit from good demand.

Gaurav Vangaal, associate director, Light Vehicle Forecasting, S&P Global Mobility, told FE that the new Venue will certainly attract a lot of buyers, and most of Hyundai’s models have massive demand. “In May 2022, Hyundai Motor India’s manufacturing plant in Chennai was closed for scheduled bi-annual maintenance and there was no production for six days (May 16-21). This reduced availability vehicles during the month, which negatively impacted Hyundai’s May sales figures,” he said.

Maruti Suzuki, Vangaal added, is a long shot even for Tata Motors and Hyundai India put together to challenge. “Maruti Suzuki has such a strong product pipeline that it can increase its market share this year,” he said.

Although Chandra did not say whether Tata Motors would be able to maintain its position as the second-largest automaker, he said it would still be a leader in electric vehicles by far. “We are not chasing the numbers, but we will remain a leader in electric vehicles by far. The power of the entire Tata Group is behind the EV strategy, and investors have shown confidence. launch our electric vehicles in more cities, consumers will gain confidence and word of mouth will spread that electric vehicles are easy to own, charge and use (for example, 96% of our current vehicle users electricity charge at home) This will lead to better demand,” he said.

In January, Tata Motors launched the Tiago CNG and Tigor CNG. These two models also give the automaker additional sales figures.


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