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NORTH LIMA – The South Range School Board has approved a five-year financial forecast that shows a positive cash balance in the first four years.

The board this week approved a five-year financial forecast presented by school treasurer Jim Phillips, which shows a positive cash balance of $ 3.7 million in the first year. It drops to just over $ 198,000 in the fourth before falling to a deficit of $ 2.24 million in the last.

The budget deficit is just over $ 26,000 this year and hit over $ 2.4 million last time around.

Phillips noted that the money generated from open enrollment could be affected by Bill 110, which sets guidelines for funding public schools, including how much districts will receive per student. He said funding for open enrollment students could increase from $ 6,020 per student to about $ 2,100 per student.

Phillips said the forecast remains secure for the next two years, but could be affected in the next biennial budget.

In the remaining cases, the board rejected two offers for buses. One did not follow the details and the other did not have removable seats as a disabled bus. The offer will be published again.

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