MCI’s parent company unveils financing for electric vehicles



NFI Group Inc. replaces MCI Financial Services with NFI Financial Solutions, a new financing option to support the purchase of the company’s new electric vehicles, infrastructure and batteries.

Funding covers new and used buses and coaches, infrastructure development – including hardware, software and support services offered by NFI Infrastructure Solutions – and vehicle batteries.

“NFI Financial Solutions effectively connects our clients with the most competitive lenders in the industry and enables the purchase and deployment of NFI mobility solutions,” said Pipasu Soni, CFO of NFI.

Innovative financing

Formerly known as MCI Financial Services, the all-new NFI Financial Solutions has expanded to include innovative financing for batteries and infrastructure and can now support the purchase of any NFI vehicle in any industry. any propulsion – covering the entire New Flyer, MCI, Alexander Dennis and ARBOC product lines, he said.

Designed to move mobility projects forward, NFI Financial Solutions offers many benefits including easy application processes, access to competitive financing from top lenders, purchase assistance for any propulsion (including clean diesel , compressed natural gas, electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells) and customized financial solutions tailored to unique customer situations and needs.

Financing options include tax-exempt lease purchases, fixed or variable rate loans, leases with a lease adjustment clause, and special payment structures such as seasonal, step or tapering payments.

NFI has electric vehicles in operation – or on order – in more than 80 cities in five countries. The manufacturer offers the widest range of electric buses and coaches with zero emission batteries and fuel cells. Its vehicles have driven more than 50 million kilometers of EV service.



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