Isuzu, DENSO, Toyota, Hino and CJPT start researching hydrogen engines for CV


Isuzu Motors (Isuzu), DENSO Corporation (DENSO), Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Hino Motors (Hino) and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT) announced the start of hydrogen engine research and planning for heavy duty vehicles. vehicles to use internal combustion engines (ICEs) to achieve carbon neutrality.

Hydrogen engines are one of the options to achieve carbon neutrality among HEV, BEV and FCEV. In addition, efforts to create a hydrogen society are accelerating, such as the increase in the number of partners in the production, transport and use of hydrogen.

Reducing CO2 emissions in transport and logistics by heavy-duty vehicles is a social issue that must be addressed with partners who share a vision towards a carbon-neutral society. The five companies believe that hydrogen engines are a solution to this problem and will use the technologies and know-how acquired by each company to study the potential of hydrogen engines in heavy-duty vehicles.

Apart from the five companies above, other OEMs such as Bosch and Volvo are also betting heavily on hydrogen vehicles, and Bosch is already working on deploying hydrogen vehicles in a pilot project in India by 2025. -26. Volvo, on the other hand, said its ICE vehicles will continue to exist and will be powered by other green means like hydrogen.

Bosch has also invested 500 million euros in components for electrolysers that will use electrolysis to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.


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