Human Horizons’ new ultra-futuristic HiPhi Z pushes automotive industry standards



The inspiration for the HiPhi Z lies in the concepts of space and time, with the vehicle essentially playing the role of a conduit to the future. It brings ideas from a car 20 years old in the future to modern times.

Inspired by the words of the famous physicist Albert Einstein, Human Horizons Founder and CEO Ding Lei said, “Reflecting on advancements in transportation technology, Einstein said that you can’t love a car the way you love a horse, because the horse brings out human feelings. like machines can’t. To this end. , we can see a desire in humans to share a true connection with the world around them, and using the latest smart technology, that’s exactly what we have done with the HiPhi Z. We have imbued the vehicle with a ‘digital soul’, giving it a depth and personality that owners can experience and sense from human interactions and feelings. ”

As a distinguished leader in ChinaIn the automotive industry, Ding Lei has over 30 years of experience in the automotive world, high-tech parks and city management, bringing great success in key business areas such as cross-border mergers and acquisitions. He was Vice President of SAIC Group and General Manager of Shanghai General Motors (SGM), helped found SGM and established SGM / Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center. Since the founding of Human Horizons in 2017, Ding Lei has served as Chairman and CEO with the vision of delivering mobility solutions fit for the future. Its pursuit of change is embodied in its mission to contribute to an era of smart cars, smart transport and smart cities.

The HiPhi Z is expected to be unveiled in its entirety at the Beijing International Motor Show in April 2022. It will be Human Horizons’ second flagship model, in keeping with the company’s vision of bringing concept cars to the real world.

After the April 2022 unveiling, Human Horizons will begin accepting purchase reservations and begin mass production before the end of the year. As with the HiPhi X, it is expected that the vast majority of technical details will be transferred from the production-ready prototype to the actual mass-produced version, once again proving to the world the innovative capacity of Human Horizons. . Also announced with details of HiPhi Z, Human Horizons’ ‘Captain Z’ co-creation recruiting initiative will aim to include more and more enthusiasts in the joint development of HiPhi Z.

At its core, Human Horizons is dedicated to innovation and quality. Using advanced technologies and all the features of luxury vehicles, the company defines a new segment of cars, TECHLUXE®. Going forward, this focus on innovation and pushing the boundaries of human-machine interaction will continue to create new and unique driving experiences for forward-thinking people around the world.

About HiPhi

HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons and reinforced by its users. The HiPhi range is made up of intelligent all-electric vehicles with lightweight hybrid aluminum-steel construction and sustainable vegan leathers and recyclable materials that add to the sustainable nature of Human Horizons’ EV products.

About Human Horizons

Human Horizons Group Inc. is dedicated to the research and development of innovative intelligent mobility technologies as well as the commercialization of future-oriented intelligent vehicles. Additionally, Human Horizons is developing smart transportation solutions as an integral part of smart cities, which will redefine human mobility.

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