Financial investors reduce their net long position on Euronext Wheat


Non-commercial market participants reduced their net long position in Euronext milling wheat futures and options in the week to Jan. 14, according to data released by Euronext on Wednesday.

Non-commercial participants, which include investment funds and financial institutions, reduced their net long position to 115,853 contracts from 142,122 a week earlier, the data showed.

Trade participants also reduced their net short position to 132,515 contracts from 155,138 a week earlier.

The short positions of the traders represented 63.9% of the total short position, while the long positions of the traders represented 43% of the total long positions.

Non-commercial short positions represented 36.1% of total short positions, while net non-commercial long positions represented 57% of total long positions.

The report covered almost all open short positions and all open long positions in wheat derivatives.

On Euronext’s rapeseed futures and options, non-commercial market participants increased their net long position to 3,553 contracts from 1,889 the previous week.

Trading participants increased their net short position in rapeseed to 4,351 contracts from 2,708 the previous week.
Source: Reuters (reporting by Forrest Crellin; editing by Kirsten Donovan)


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