Financial investors reduce their net long position in euronext wheat



Non-trading market participants lowered their net long position in Euronext milling wheat futures and options in the week to October 15, according to data released by Euronext on Wednesday.

Non-commercial participants, which include investment funds and financial institutions, reduced their net long position to 153,690 contracts from 154,958 a week earlier, the data showed.

Trade participants increased their net short position to 174,723 contracts from 167,982 a week earlier.

Ad short positions accounted for 68.1% of total short positions, while commercial long positions accounted for 41.8% of total long positions.

Non-trade short positions represented 31.9% of total short positions, while net non-trade long positions represented 58.1% of total long positions.

The report covered all open short positions and almost all open long positions in wheat derivatives.

On Euronext rapeseed futures and options, non-trading market participants moved to a net short position, moving to a net short position of 113 contracts from a net long position of 3,471 a week earlier.

Trade participants reduced their net short position in rapeseed to 3,365 contracts from 10,879 a week earlier.
Source: Reuters (Report by Forrest Crellin; Editing by Shailesh Kuber)



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