Cramer examines tech stocks to own in AI, metaverse, EVs and fintech



CNBC’s Jim Cramer bought out “Mad Money” in San Francisco for the first time in two years and spoke about the four major innovations and companies that justify the technology as a leader in the stock market.

1. “Using artificial intelligence to replace humans”

Cramer said the first innovation that generates value is “the way companies are using artificial intelligence to replace humans, especially because workers are so hard to find now that we’re experiencing the Great Resignation” era of Covid. He pointed out that a A record 4.43 million people left their jobs in September.

“When you think of artificial intelligence, you have to start with Nvidia. Everyone thinks of this as a semiconductor company, but it really is a platform for machine learning,” Cramer said. . “Then there’s conversational artificial intelligence which allows computers to present themselves as real people. That’s Five9, the call center software.”

2. “The metaverse”

Cramer said most people think Facebook changes its name to Meta Platforms when they think of the metaverse. However, the host of “Mad Money” has come up with other names such as Unity Software, which makes the tools needed to develop video games and metaverse experiences.

“Who gets to the Metaverse first?” My money is on Roblox, the popular online gaming platform that makes it easy for users to create their own digital experiences, ”Cramer said.

3. “Electric vehicles”

4. “Financial technology”

FinTech, in short, is becoming a Silicon Valley obsession, Cramer said. “On the West Coast, they’re more into engineering than financial engineering.”

He quoted buy now, pay the business later Affirm and CEO Max Levchin, who “are trying to exclude credit card companies from the consumer loan equation because they have now kept generations trapped in their financial chains.” Levchin was a co-founder of PayPal.

“You want a really revolutionary approach to banking, you have to talk to the people who run Square,” Cramer said.

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