Ceros Financial Services arranges $15 million financing for GT Metabolic Solutions


GT has developed a technology allowing bariatric, metabolic and digestive surgery without incision

MIAMI, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ceros Financial Services announced that Ceros Capital Markets, its investment banking division, has made an investment of approximately $15 million Series A for GT Metabolic Solutions, which has developed minimally invasive, incisionless bypass technology for bariatric, metabolic and digestive surgery. The company will apply this increase to complete the first clinical trials of its incisionless duodenal ilium bypass anastomosis for bariatric and metabolic surgery.

GT Metabolic’s technology enables incision-free bariatric surgery and involves no cutting, suturing or permanent implants, allowing these procedures to transition to the outpatient surgical setting. The platform works by creating a delayed anastomosis, a technique that involves the use of magnets to connect tissue and create an anastomosis in a delayed fashion without incision and risk of creating a leak. The company was co-founded by Thierry Thaurewho has 40 years of experience as a medical technology entrepreneur and pioneering surgeon Michael WinMD, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon who invented the LapSleeve procedure for bariatric surgery, and who is also GT’s chief medical officer.

“We believe GT Metabolic has created breakthrough technology for bariatric surgery to help patients struggling with obesity, a growing and costly epidemic that leads to other serious health issues. There are currently too few options for the surgeon today. The company’s platform is designed to be safer for the surgeon and patient, and more cost effective for the healthcare system,” said Marc GoldwasserCEO of Ceros Financial Services.

“We developed our platform with the goal of revolutionizing bariatric and metabolic surgery. GT’s technology enables a new portfolio of procedures that will complement and expand the market. We look forward to continuing our clinical trials and ultimately the commercialization of our technology on a global scale,” said Thauré.

According Data from the CDC, the prevalence of obesity in the United States was 41.9% in 2017 for March 2020. The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in United States was almost $173 million in dollars 2019.

Ceros is focused on raising funds for early-stage medical technology and medical device companies that are developing disruptive technologies, particularly for diagnostic and non-invasive procedures. Ceros finished $117 million transactions in the medtech sector in 2021 and $145 million since 2020. The company aims to increase $150 million this year, Goldwasser said.

In June, Ceros and Peregrine Ventures conducted a $18 million funding round for Cordio Medical, which has developed technology to monitor chronic heart failure conditions by analyzing voice recordings in a simple smartphone app.

Ceros also recently placed another $10 million for DemaSensor, which designs non-invasive tools that use machine learning and spectroscopy to assess skin lesions for cancer. Ceros was an existing investor in the company. Earlier this year, the company announced a $15 million placement for Pristine Surgical, which has developed a single-use platform for endoscopic procedures.

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