8 positive touch points for customers this holiday season


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December is almost here. Several religions celebrate major festivals. Vacation movies surpass your favorite TV programming. Catalogs arrive daily by post. Stores compete for your attention online and with TV commercials. How to be heard in the midst of screams?

The holiday season begins with Thanksgiving. Whichever approach you choose, your message should be a thank you message. They are your customer. You are grateful and respect the relationship.

1. Sending of greeting cards. You might think that no one else does. Wrong. Soon we’ll start hearing about the card designs celebrities send out. Unlike emails and text messages, physical cards are tough. The more personal the card, the better. This means handwritten messages, real stamps, handwritten addresses and attractive cards. People display them in their homes.

Advice: An office manager gave excellent advice. People always remember the first card they got that season.

2. Ask them about their health insurance. This may be good and no change is necessary. However, everyone is saturated with TV commercials during the Medicare open enrollment period. They might wonder if there are better alternatives. You think they have the best solution for their situation, but they don’t know you’ve been through this thought process.

Advice: Contacting each customer, ideally by phone, lets them know that you are aware of the situation and that no further action is necessary.

3. The calendar as a gift. Not everyone does everything on their phone today, especially if they’re older. The older you get, the more doctor’s appointments you have! It’s remarkable that we even found the time to work! Your business probably has a way of ordering tastefully printed calendars. Advice: In the middle of the year I found a good calendar that ended the year and continued until 2022. We gave it to an older couple as a birthday present with the logic “You can jot down cruises and other vacations you plan to take, now that the lockout restrictions are lifted.” “

4. Give gifts. There are many ways to approach this. Our financial advisor sends a box of chocolate truffles every year. My wife loves to bake cookies, which I am responsible for delivering to the neighbors. When we attend a party at someone’s house (remember that?) We bring a four-bottle bottle of wine, called a double magnum. He makes a statement. We have a favorite restaurant. They gave us matching coffee mugs. We use them every day.

Advice: Years ago, I came across a team of financial advisers who were using stylish coffee mugs with a logo in their office. During their annual check-up, when a customer commented on the mugs, he asked his assistant: “Do we have any extras? The assistant would return with a gift box containing two mugs.

5. Buy them lunch. Take your client to lunch. Drinks or coffee are also acceptable. Use it as an opportunity to thank them for their business. Let them talk. Let them find out what is going on in their private life.

Advice: A lot of people tend to be more relaxed and open during the holidays. It can work in your favor.

6. The community concert. Your town may have a symphony, but it also has community theater groups that present Christmas plays like Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”. Someone else is doing “The Nutcracker” or a holiday concert. The tickets are not that expensive. Buy a bunch of them and give them to customers.

Advice: You and your family attend the same evening. You see who showed up. You greet them, they see that you are a real person with a family, just like them.

7. The touching email. It takes very little effort. You see it on social media and by email. You have a hard-hitting image and a message sent to everyone. It evokes the spirit of the season. Your business has probably thought of this already, with a selection to choose from.

Advice: It’s incredibly simple, but people are responding to it. Receiving a message or a “like” is a reason to thank them. Maybe you can start a dialogue.

8. Get together in the New Year. Align with your customer’s thinking. If you call on business, they might say, “Call me for the New Year.” Their minds are elsewhere in December. At the beginning of December, contact us and sign up on the calendar to meet you in January. Mention how the pandemic has changed people’s views on life.

Advice: People are thinking about New Years Day. They wonder how they did it. The newspapers talk about “best performing funds” and other money-related topics. You find yourself in front of them when they are in the mood to make changes.

Bryce sanders is President of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides training on HNW client acquisition for the financial services industry. His book, “Captivate the wealthy investor“can be found on Amazon.



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