Besana opens up to industrial and financial investors

The Besana group has launched a process of further growth through acquisitions in Asia, Eastern Europe and North America. The group, specializing in the processing and distribution of Nuts and Dried Fruits, has announced its intention to acquire local companies in its areas of interest, in order to further accelerate its pace of international expansion.

Four years ago, Besana launched an ambitious supply chain project for agricultural development in Central Asia and Central Europe, with the aim of promoting the cultivation of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios in areas with pedoclimatic conditions. optimal. Two group companies, one in Kazakhstan and one in Ukraine, are currently focused on securing raw materials that meet the quality standards required by industry.

From field to fork, the Besana Group’s business model is based on the creation of a state-of-the-art agricultural network and processing plants, designed to build a production chain in line with best practices, farmer to consumer, ensuring food safety and healthy eating.

Besana’s management team. From left to right: Riccardo Calcagni, CEO; Marcella Netti, Chief Financial Officer; Pino Calcagni, president; Vittoria Calcagni, Public Affairs

Today, Besana, wishing to extend this project, announced its desire to open up to industrial and financial partners interested in supporting it in this development process.

With a consolidated turnover of 200 million euros, the Besana group, founded by grandfather Emilio in 1921 and today led by the fourth generation of the Calcagni family, is the world leader in processing and the distribution of Nuts and Dried Fruits. Globalization and innovation have always been at the forefront of the group’s fundamental principles.

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